_i promise

go and be happy for awhile
if you know what to be happy is
(for you)

go and do your thing
if you think you really need it
cause you don't
(and you know it)

go and come back later
when your conscience
turns off again
it's going to happen
you know

(for sure)

go and see for yourself
that nothing is enough
not anymore
not in this life..no
not from now on


qclindalou said...

I love this M! I ready do!

MgMyself said...

Thanks Linda.
You know it's weird when I get a comment in this blog because nobody comes here. It's almost like a secret place these days. LOL!
Glad to know that you come here tho. You know how I'd like you to be able to read the other one, right?
Some day...some day... :)

Love ya, lady.

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

Keane said...

Beautiful site and I love your little captions. "Tarzan english," haha!