_dreams of darkness

"golden slumbers fill your eyes,
smiles awake you when you rise.
sleep pretty baby do not cry,
and I will sing a lullaby."

lennon & mccartney

What if he wakes up after dreaming of this woman, and he can't understand what she meant?

- "Don't forget my face...look again...don't forget my face."

As if it's possible to forget.
What if he can't remember, and he woke up, he put on his shorts, t-shirt, sneakers and went jogging? What if his cell phone rang ten times, and he thought he'd hear some important news about someone he doesn't know? What if the coffee he ordered tasted like something new, and he was not able to know what it was? What if every time he looked at the chair in front of him he thought someone would sit and talk to him?
- Hey, don't forget my face.
- What?
- Don't forget...

What if he woke up after ten, and never went jogging? What if breakfast was bad and the day seemed to be horrible from the start? What if he saw the picture on the wall and found it strange? What if he wants to replace it now, for some other colors...as if he knew the face that should be painted instead, but could not find it?

What if at this point he thinks he's got a strange day? What if he thinks there's something missing? And if he feels the emptiness that was not there yesterday, and everywhere he looks there is a blank he cannot fill in?

And what if SHE lays down again, as soon as the night gets colder, and she closes her eyes with a heart ache? What if a tear comes out along with a tiny smile, as if she knew why she's crying or what's the new reason for her to be happy? What if she falls asleep, and her conscience flies to a place she can not reach? What if his face comes out this deep immense darkness, and the voice [she knows] enters her brain saying: "Don't forget my face.." ?

What if encounters were possible outside the darkness?