You're gone

Mercedes Gameiro

Sorry, I can't tell you...

The door bell rings when she is just finishing to blow dry. Room service!
- Room service? That fast?

She opens the door without looking, goes back to the bathroom saying:
“Leave it on the table, please.”

She does not even grab a five dollars bill to tip the boy. Was it a boy? How would she know? She hears the door being closed, brushes her hair once again and walks back to the bedroom so that she can eat.
Eat? Eat what? There is nothing on the table. There is no food or the smell of food anywhere. So, who was that?

She stops in the middle of the bedroom looking at the table and at the door, trying to review the scene…but nothing would cross her mind. She scratches her head and turns around. Wow! A vision!
Sitting on her bed, looking calmly at her, HE!
Who is he? Oh that’s a long story you don’t want to hear…He is everything she ever wanted, the best of surprises!

She freezes. No word would dare to come out of her mouth. She has this feeling that he would disappear in seconds if she moved. Poor girl. Yes he would …but not that fast.

- Will you undress? - He asks looking at her with “his look”
- No…
- C’mon…
- Why would I do that?
- Because I’m here and I’m asking you to.
- Oh…you are…?

He smiles that incredible smile of his…that thing no one else could understand but her. That smile plus that look, could only mean she was pretty lost! In three seconds or so, she would melt into his arms and forget about everything else.

- It’s not going to happen, dear.
- Yes, it is.
- Try me.

He walks towards her and, as he moves, she knows she’s already lost, but she holds still waiting for him to get closer. Standing in front of her, he grabs the hair behind her neck looking straight to her lips; she closes her eyes knowing she is now more than lost: she is ready to surrender. He pulls her closer and pretends he’d kiss her. Her breath gets stronger. He smiles that smile again.

- You will do whatever I want you to. I know.
- I won’t.
- Okay, now you try me.

He turns around letting his body fall to the bed, taking her with him…

I’m so sorry my English is not enough to tell the rest of this story. All I can say is gives me goosebumps to remember the things she told me…


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