Gosh I'm sad...
Last night I've heard about the death of a girl I met over the internet, years ago.
We were not friends, but she was always there, at the same chatroom. That killed me, because after hearing about her, they told me about another friend who passed away too, and she was a very sweet girl.

Well, I've been feeling nostalgic these days. One of the thoughts that keep crossing my mind over and over, is that maybe my friends overseas will pass away and I'll never get to know. We exchange e-mails from time to time, but the truth is they don't really know what they mean to me. Maybe I'm just a screen name for them. And for some of them -- I'm pretty sure -- reading my name take them to a time they don't miss. It was a very good time for me, but most of them don't share this feeling because it ended in a weird way, some of them got really hurt. But there was "us", the pink sparkling flowered side of Hollywood Cafe, the morning crew. Yes we rocked! We were civil, we were sweet, we were buddies. I miss each one of them.

So, after talking to my friend and hearing all the bad news, I decided I'll write a document and save it in some bank safe, with my desires. It's not exactly a will, just a list of desires. It will include a list of e-mail adresses and phone numbers of people I'd want to be informed if something bad happens to me. Other than that, some of my passwords: myspace, orkut, twitter; so that they can keep my profile, but put the world on ignore to avoid morbid farewell scraps and so. I think weird that people keep sending messages to dead people.

That's it. I'm sad.
I'd like to be able to be closer to people I like. I'd like they'd feel the same.
That's it.
I'm sad.