it’s impossible
impossible to have you
you don’t exist...


you are real
you are real in my dreams
in my sleepless nights
in my heart that’s broken...

in pieces

pieces of your lonely thoughts
pieces of my wandering mind

impossible not to love you
for your voice is what silence brings me
for your smile is the best view from my loneliness
for your words...
impossible not to hear them

i can listen to you thinking,
i can listen to you crying,
i can listen to this whispering sound
that says: some night…
some other way…


On The Phone

She: Hello?
He: Hi.
She: Who is this?
He: You know…
She: No, I don’t.
He: Gotta guess, then…
She: Ok…you’re Brad Pitt, with a pretty voice, telling me that you are so tired of Angelina you want me to run away with you to Fidji.
He: Hmmm…nope.
She: Dammit...
He: (laughs)
She: Listen… you tell me who you are, or I’m gonna hang up.
He: You asked me to call.
She: I did?
He: ...
She: hmm…I see…
He: Then, we met in a dream…we danced…the beach…your hair…etc…etc…
She: It was not a beach.
He: Of course it was.
She: No. It was a restaurant, or something like that.
He: A beach.
She: Ok then... you know nothing about my dream. Ha!
He: Why don’t you tell me?
She: Hm…There's nothing. You were there. That’s all.
He: C’mon…Tell me.
She: What ?
He: I want to know how you feel about it.
She: By the way, how did you find my phone number?
He: You gave it to me.
She: I did? In a dream? Are you crazy?
He: Not in the dream, bonehead! In the e-mail you sent me from the phone.
She: What? Does it send the number? Gosh, I gotta change the settings.
He: Thank you…
She: No! I mean…now that I know. I mean…Ah! You know what I mean.
He: Yes. You want me to hang up.
She: No!
He: You knew I’d call, right?
She: Are you the “calling-her-tomorrow” kind of guy?
He: Oh…hell yeah! I always call after dreams.
She: Hahaha!
He: It was in the same night, you know?
She: What?
He: The dream.
She: Bullshit! You don’t even sleep when I do.
He: So you don’t know where I’ve been.
She: What you mean?
He: I’m in your time zone, just two countries down.
She: Wow…so close, yet so far…
He: I’m writing it down.
She: What?
He: “So-close-yet-so-far”: for a poem title.
She: Hahahah. For me?
He: Yes. About that hypnotic kiss…
She: What kiss?
He: We kissed.
She: Liar!
He: On the beach. Remember?
She: Not on the beach. It was on that table, in the restaurant’s corner.
He: See? There was a kiss!
She: Hahahah! You're bad!
He: I’m great!
She: Jeez…
He: What about the elevator? That was really great!
She: Elevator? There was no elevator!
He: Oh yes, there was! I…kind of opened your shirt in the elevator…
She: No way! It was at the bedroom’s door.
He: Ha! Bingo!
She: What?
He: I opened your shirt. See? I know.
She: Did I say that?
He: Yes you did! And I remember.
She: Stop! You had no dream at all!
He: Ok…I won’t tell the champagne part.
She: …
He: Wow…gives me goosebumps.
She: ...
He: It was your idea…sorry, it was impossible for me to stop.
She: …
He: Then we went to the shower…champagne mixed to your perfume and hot water…
She: …
He: Hey!... Are you there?
She: Shut up.
He: Sorry! Am I lying?
She: No!…but it's like you know. I told you I had a dream of you, nothing else.
He: I'm telling you: I had the same dream.
She: How come?
He: I don’t know, but it was great!
She: Oh my…
He: Are you okay?
She: I’m blushing.
He: Because I know about “the dream”? Or because I saw you naked?
She: Gosh…both.
He: Can I make you blush again?
She: No!
He: What if I told you I’m arriving tomorrow?
She: Where?
He: At your door, babe.
She: Uh?
He: Well, almost. I’ll be at the airport around noon, and then some driver will take me to some hotel. Can I ask you to meet me somewhere?
She: …
He: Hey!
She: I don’t know…Would you like me to?
He: Absolutely.
She: I’m going to blush for sure.
He: Hahaha. Cute. I want champagne.
She: Shut up…
He: And shower…
She: Stop! Nothing will happen because of a little… shared delusion!
He: Oh, yeah right! We dream the same dream, at the same time, in the same night and it's just a little shared delusion!
She: I don’t know, but... there’s nothing going on between us anyway! Forget about it!
He: It was special.
She: Nah! just a dream.
He: Don’t say that…
She: Whatever.
He: How long do we know each other?
She: I’ve never met you.
He: Tell me: how long do we know each other?
She: We don’t. You've never told me your name.
He: You never asked.
She: Cause it doesn’t matter. I like who you are for me, you’ll always be the guy I know, no matter what. But I don't really know you.
He: What if I’m ugly, fat and stupid.
She: You’re lovely, kind, brilliant and the sweetest guy, even if you are a fat plumber!
He: See? I'm special.
She: Anyway, we’ve never met.
He: But we've been talking for years.
She: Just occasionally. We don't really know one another.
He: Oh, stop...we know each other enough for to dream the same dreams.
She: Right…but no champagne, or shirt, or shower…nothing!
He: We'll see. See you tomorrow.
She: No! Wait. What if I can't...
He: It’s not an option, Missy. I’ll call you. Sleep tight…dream of me.
She: I am dreaming.
He: I know…