- I’ve been thinking… aren’t you afraid of this relationship? I mean, you being older than him, don’t you think it is a risk? Like, he can leave you for a younger woman some day or something?

"Listen…we are born prepared for “ENDINGS”. We need to leave our mom’s breasts, the bottle, the pacifier, we need to leave home to go to school some day…we spend our lives experiencing different kinds of pain. So the answer is: no, I'm not afraid of that.
Besides…every love story ends up some day, love may last, but love stories end up sooner or later, and there’s no way out: they end up in tears. One of them leaves, or one of them dies…
I’m not afraid of that. You know what scares me to death? Alzheimer! Alzheimer scares me…because I can’t even think about the possibility of forgetting his smile. I can’t. Forget the way he looks at me? or what he smells like? the sound of his voice? God forbid.
Maybe he leaves me some day, you know, it’s possible. But the time we spent together will live with me. Not to recognize the man I loved most in my entire life? THIS is scary. "