The wind was blowing outside. Not a hot night. Not a cold one either.
My heart beating on my throat, the stomach trying not to jump off, 9:30...9:45...red lights...green lights... 9:50...can I be late? Should I make him wait? 9:55...red lights again. "Good. I don't want to get there before him. I want to get there. I wish I were there already. I want it so badly!" Red lights again...Oh my heart! Deep breath...it's here. Are you sure? 10:08. Yeah good, I'm already late!

I walk into this strange restaurant, a Caribean-ish place, but darker...I remember it was green. Was it green or it's just the color of my fear? (Let me tell you, kids that I was freaking out but looking good. ) I look right...I look left...everybody looks at me..."I am looking for..." Oh my god! There he is...big nervous smile, big blue eyes, big old hands, big. Big love of my life.

How long until I forget his look?
How many years should I live to forget his voice?
How many days, hours, nights, tears, laughs, moments should I live until I stop thinking of him? It's been so many years I don't even know...It's like 3 days or a week now that he is here, sitting at this table, with his bottle of wine, his Marlboro and his eyes, waiting for me.
Life should freeze right now. -- FREEZE LIFE! Let me take a picture and save for the next 20 years. Quote: this is the moment I've waited in complete disbelief for so many years. -- Deep breathe. Back off and start telling the story...

Dinner? Who dares to eat? Wine? Needed.
I'm nervous. Are you? Well, welcome to the gang then...
Two tourists -- this is pretty much what we are - two tourists looking mesmerized at the monument they were willing to see. Each new wrinkle on his face, each new gesture or trace on his voice, every movement...it's so hard to tell how I felt. I can try though: I was in heaven.

And why? Tell me why? I never really understood what happened. I cannot say I've really had something non platonic with him. No. Never. But god what is this feeling?
I could jump on his lap right now and tell him how I love him, how I've waited, how I've missed him...but no. The Serenity Queen just looks at his shinny eyes with a candid smile, turns her head a little and says: "how good it is to see you again?"
How good it is...how beautiful he still is...And so sweet, so lovely, so sexy, so funny!
He grabs my hand and kisses it deeply, looking at my eyes and saying:

"I'm so nervous, you know? Look at you! You're beautiful..."

I don't know how to repeat all the beautiful words I've heard that night. All of them were sweet and revealing. They showed me I was never wrong about this man: he's dreamy.
My prince happened to turn into a beautiful strong king. And so real!

That was the most special night of the last 10 years. And I'm the queen of love stories, the queen of big happenings. But all my stories just happened out of nowhere, not this one. There's a huge difference there: that was the night I've dreamed for so long.

King's Tower - Past midnight.
At the King's tower, we talked, we kissed, and we loved each other. We were tense, intense, nervous...and in love. I felt at home and in heaven. His mouth, his tongue, his hands, his fingers, his legs and, himself all over me. My mouth, my tongue, my hands, my hair, my legs and myself all over him... stars and lights dancing upon our bodies and the ocean refusing to move, in sign of respect for the biggest love on earth.

Three a.m. Time to leave the tower. Time to go back to reality, if reality fits somewhere in here. The King and his Queen walk by the beach as they once dreamed. From step to step he stops her...touches her face with both hands...touches her hair and kisses her again. From step to step she hugs him while Santa Ana wind blows her hair and the ocean spies on them in silence.
There's no place on earth like the King's hug. There's no love on earth like the Queen's love.

Nothing would ever compare to this.