i've found this little hole in my brain.
no, not physically, just a ghostly little hole at the third curve on the left, near that dead place you don't want to enter.
it's like a ghost town, only darker.
there hides the feeling i don't talk about.
there is where the locked boxes were supposed to be.
i can smell them.
i can sense their heat...

the hole...it's all there is: the hole.
i can't see anything but this enormous haunting silence coming from it's direction.
and this breeze.
it feels freezing but still warm and i feel like crying.
the silence is so immense it's like outer space.

i am adrift, floating in slow motion...
astronaut of my fears.

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Anonymous said...

Very haunting an beautiful Mercedes..I think we all have such a hole. If you have one, I hope you can delve into it and it will make you whole. Julie