...interesting times

“Excuse me.”

She had her iPod playing, headphones on, and didn't notice his presence.

“Excuse me!...”

He insisted as he tapped on her shoulder, and pointed to the chair right next to hers. She pulled one of the headphones out as if she was in a hurry, a bit clumsy, paused the song that was playing and fixed herself trying to give him more room.

“Sorry, I didn't see you...”

“It's alright!”

He tried to walk through accidentally rubbing himself against her legs and the chair before them and, even with all that space the first class offers, he had so many things in his hands she had to squeeze herself against her chair so he could go through. She then raised one hand:

“Wait. I think it's easier if...”

He stepped back, bungled up with his things – a backpack, a notebook case, a bag with books, a leather jacket -, she turned the music off, leaving the iPhone on the chair's armrest, got her purse that was on the floor placing it on the cushion, got up and let him pass.
As soon as he sat down, he saw her picture on the iPhone's screen, frowned and lifted his head to get a better look at her. She grabbed her purse again and placed it on the floor close to her chair so she'd sit right back down. After fixing all of his mess, he opened the window and looked to the sky trying to foresee how the flight would end up being like. She put the headphones back on and took a deep breath, sensing the perfume that came from her travel companion.

“... gosh he smells good! ”

She thought smiling, still not looking at the fellow's face by her side. Every time she walked into a plane she remembered the bus trips from her teenage years; when some man would sit by her side she'd close her eyes and imagine how would it feel to be in a plane, in the first class, with people that smelled good and looked nice. She always knew that her place in this world was a bit higher. And it was.

The flight attendant offered them a glass of champagne and when she lifted her eyes to thank her, she noticed the beautiful brunette's hypnotized look, melting away like butter on a hot bun. She smiled her amazing smile and looked at him. He turned his face down, hiding behind his arm as he messed with his hair, shying away. She pulled one of her headphones out.

“Did you see that?”

“I think so...”

He frowned looking in her eyes and gave her a very timid smile. Then, showing some uncertainty, he said:

“I swear this is not a pick up line…but… I think I know you.”

She knew who he was -- everybody knew who he was -- but she wasn't really sure HE would know her.

“I don't think so...”

“Hmmm... are you sure?”

“I might look like someone.”

Not happy with the answer he said:


She looked to that familiar face one more time, trying to see the traits that she knew but not from such a small distance, checked his strange green eyes once again, lowered her head and put the headphones back on. He kept his eyes on her for a bit longer, got his phone and seemed to type something. Trying to disguise the embarrassment, she also got her phone to Tweet one last time before taking off. There was a mention to her name:

LivesNowhere: @HeloiZZ someone stole your iPhone.

She answered:

HeloiZZ: @LivesNowhere what do you mean?

This is the dialogue that came afterwards:

LivesNowhere: @HeloiZZ I swear, there's a person right next to me using your picture as wallpaper!

HeloiZZ: @LivesNowhere Really? So pay attention: If you snore tonight, I'll kill you!

LivesNowhere: @HeloiZZ If you don't turn around and face me right now, I won't let you sleep.

She laughed out loud... put her phone down and turned around offering him her right hand.

“Nice meeting you, Heloisa.”

He held her hand smiling back.

“My Pleasure...I thought you were going to pretend you didn't know me.”

She smiled

“I was going to... if you did!”

He lowered his head and typed again on his phone. She then, full of curiosity, got back to her twitter to check it out.

“To whom it may concern: @HeloiZZ is a lot prettier in person.”

She smiled without moving her eyes and wrote:

“Girls, @LivesNowhere smells delicious!”

The flight attendant's voice rang from the speakers: “Ladies and Gentlemen, please turn off any electronic gear.”

They turned their phones off, looked at each other smiling, and got to know one another using a lot more than 140 characters.


**This is a translation for THIS , thanks to @alicesalles, my personal translator when I'm lazy.


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