Sun and Moon

Trying to organize my papers this weekend, I've found this story I wrote a long time ago. It made me smile...

Curitiba, October 27th 1997

Once upon a time, when the universe was a dark little hole, there was just doubts. God couldn't handle the fact of having so little space for so many ideas and thoughts.
So god decided to create light, and the Sun was born.
But for some reason ... a strange kind of planet was born along.
That was not in God's plans! It was a SHE! And she had no light. Any female "thing" at that point would disturb God's creation ...

She was just hanging there, easy and provocative, with her beauty...reflecting the sunlight with the simple intention of showing off. A typical female thing!
Well, God didn't realize what was going on there, and just kept doing his job. But, meanwhile, the Sun gave the female planet too much attention, naming her "MOON" - sort of a nickname for "My own".
Millions of years passed until God could find out that he didn't create just light and it's reflection. He's created LOVE and it's terrible attraction.

Oh! God became furious! And in his anger, he decided to create the Earth, just for to keep those two rebels apart. The earth was just a piece of dead ground then; no life, no beauty ... just a ball creating distance and pain.
But love always finds a way to turn pain into something better. Not even God can control that.

So everyday, the Moon could be seen from earth when night was coming. And every day she had the feeling that she would see the Sun. He used to feel the same every morning and every night, but it would never happen!
Tens of millions of years later, the sun started to cry during every single sunset. The whole sky used to get red of his anger, and sad of his pain. Then his tears started to wet the earth's ground, which made the Earth a living planet.
In their spinning search for each other, the Sun and the Moon created days and nights, animals and humans, joy and pain, love and hate...

When I was a young girl, I used to think that the sun's bed was located behind the mountains. As I grew up, I moved to another Country, where the sea is bluer and the sunset is even sadder. Then I've realized that the Sun never sleeps. It just goes away waiting for the morning after, willing to see the Moon...and the ocean is just his evening tears.

The mountains were standing there, just to hide this story from me.

Good morning.


Alice Salles said...

Holly... this is so beautiful! SOOO FUCKING beautiful that you cant even wonder how beautiful it is...

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful I'm floating.
Who are you, lady Tarzan? Where on earth are you?

Anonymous said...

That was beatiul... and soo ceative.. I am ging to print it out..you have a true gift. So glad I found you.
Love Julie