Can you hear me when I miss you?

Can you hear me when I tell stories about you, even if I don't say your name?
Can you read the words I write quoting your lines?
Can you see me in your dreams when you hug me in mine?
Can you smell my perfume when I look at the moon wondering where on earth can you be?
Can you hear me asking myself over and over again what did I do so wrong?
Can you feel me crying?
Can you even remember me?

Can you?

Some days I can live with all that, you know?
But there are the other days. Days I really want to cry.
Days I'd kill to see you. Days I'd die for hearing your voice for two seconds... Just two seconds: enough for you to pronounce the words: "I miss you."
I'd do anything...Anything...

Can you hear me?

why if you are inside of me?



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